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Websites, Funnels, Membership Sites, Mobile App, Online Booking Calendar & Pages, Email/Text Marketing & Automation, CRM (Contact Manager), Forms, Surveys, Chat Widgets, Review Management with Google & FB, Google Calendars, Calls Tracking, FB Message, GMB Message, Customer Pipeline, Visitor Tracking, Ads Tracking, QuickBooks Integration, Zapier Integration, and more.

What is Business in a Box?

Web Design by DesignAdict - Santa Clarita Web Design

Web Portal

DesignAdict has all your business needs in the digital world. Pages, Booking, CRM, Email & SMS Automation, Review Management, & more!

Customer Contact  - Santa Clarita Web Design

Customer Contact

Email, SMS, calls and more. Manage clients from their contact record. Bookings, notes, tags & more. CRM included. Saving you hundreds monthly!

Simplify SEO - Reports - Optimization -  - Santa Clarita Web Design

Simplify SEO

95.91% all clicks occur on page 1. Get there with simplicity. Our platform can add all the SEO data Google wants to send you to the top of the results with ease!

Review Management -  - Santa Clarita Web Design

Manage Reviews

Our Platform handles review management in our app and automate all the heavy lifting. About 72% of consumers research reviews online!

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What does the Platform Include?

Start with as little as a website and add what you need when you need it. Build a website, manage contacts, communicate with your contacts, create a booking schedule and pages, manage your reputation, email and text automation or send manually, forms to use anywhere, surveys to use anywhere and so, so much more. Take a test drive today

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Compare Prices from all the software needed to duplicate Business in a Box by DesignAdict

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**Add-on to any package - Get your "Business in a box" package designed

new site creation - $1200

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All sites with the Business-in-a-Box platform

include or can upgrade to add features below:

  • Build on any domain

  • SSL Hosting

  • Page, Funnel Builder

  • Membership Builder

  • Forms & Surveys

  • Payment Gateways

  • Invoicing

  • Campaign Marketing

  • Emails & Text

  • Chat Widget

  • Blogging

  • Phone App

  • Review Manager

  • Social Posting

  • CRM (Contact Manager)

  • SEO Metadata

  • Booking Pages

  • Ads Tracking

  • Site Analytics

  • Call Tracking

  • Customer Pipeline

  • 70+ page widgets

**Domain can be added to any package for only $5 mo

**minimum 3 mo signup required


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business in a box by DesignAdict
Websites with 100's of templates
business in a box by DesignAdict - Web Design Santa Clarita



Web Design

web design by DesignAdict -  - Web Design Santa Clarita, Canyon Country Web Design, Palmdale Web Design, Valencia Web Design

Web Design

Forms and Surveys in one Platform
DesignAdict Marketing Automation



Forms and surveys - Web Design Santa Clarita


SMS Marketing - Email Marketing - Calling - Voicemail Drops - Web Design Santa Clarita


SEO tracking - Analytics data - Ads Data - We Design Santa Clarita


DesignAdict SEO
DesignAdict Payments



Booking Pages by DesignAdict
web design by DesignAict
Payment Gateways Invoicing - Stripe PayPal and more  - Web Design Santa Clarita

Payment Gateways

Calendar Booking

Contact Manager

Calendar Booking - Team Calendaring - Google Calendar Integration - Web Design Santa Clarita

Calendar Booking

DesignAdict Marketing
DesignAdict Marketing Automation


Membership Sites

CRM - Contact Manager - Email Autoresponder - Communication Automations - Web Design Santa Clarita

Contact Manager

Automation - Workflow  Logic based Workflows - Web Design Santa Clarita


Membership Sites -  Training, secure document control, onboarding and more - Web Design Santa Clarita

Membership Sites

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