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DesignAdict started as the mission of one man, Joseph "TechAdict" Jones. Our mission was a higher goal to provide complete web services to our customers that include all the tech their Digital Business needs at prices that help them grow. We all have a lot of technology in our life and do not often have the time to find/maintain the information we need about it ourselves. Count on us to help you carry the load!

Nothing is more frustrating than something not working when you need it the most. Especially when they are all separate and have to “integrate” to use it. How to get everything to work together???? DesignAdict had their mind set on providing an “All-in-One platform” for businesses and we did it! Our Platform can combine 7…8….9…. of the paid services you use and are paying for monthly.

Here at DesignAdict we understand this fact and aim to deliver a cost-effective solution that includes all you need to succeed and at a level designed for you. (DIY, DWU, DFU) We also offer remote computer diagnoses and low-cost repair in our local area.

Our prices will not be beaten! You give us a real quote for all the services our platform includes, and we will always cut a minimum of 8% for any verified offer.

Meet the Crew

joseph jones

Joseph "TechAdict" Jones

Owner/ Engineer

marketing manager

Mariela Martinez


Our Service Options

business in a box by DesignAdict
Websites with 100's of templates
business in a box by DesignAdict - Web Design Santa Clarita



Web Design

web design by DesignAdict -  - Web Design Santa Clarita, Canyon Country Web Design, Palmdale Web Design, Valencia Web Design

Web Design

Forms and Surveys in one Platform
DesignAdict Marketing Automation



Forms and surveys - Web Design Santa Clarita


SMS Marketing - Email Marketing - Calling - Voicemail Drops - Web Design Santa Clarita


SEO tracking - Analytics data - Ads Data - We Design Santa Clarita


DesignAdict SEO
DesignAdict Payments



Booking Pages by DesignAdict
web design by DesignAict
Payment Gateways Invoicing - Stripe PayPal and more  - Web Design Santa Clarita

Payment Gateways

Calendar Booking

Contact Manager

Calendar Booking - Team Calendaring - Google Calendar Integration - Web Design Santa Clarita

Calendar Booking

DesignAdict Marketing
DesignAdict Marketing Automation


Membership Sites

CRM - Contact Manager - Email Autoresponder - Communication Automations - Web Design Santa Clarita

Contact Manager

Automation - Workflow  Logic based Workflows - Web Design Santa Clarita


Membership Sites -  Training, secure document control, onboarding and more - Web Design Santa Clarita

Membership Sites

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