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Located in Santa Clarita

Located in Santa Clarita

Customer Booking & Communication Manager

A Powerhouse combo of software $49 mo.

What's Included:

  • Booking pages & Forms Pages
  • CRM (Customer Database)
  • Surveys & Web Forms
  • Email Automation (300 mo)
  • Manual Email (part of the 300)
  • SMS/Text Automation (100 mo)
  • Manual SMS/Text (part of the 100)
  • FB message in web/phone app
  • Calls, Manage Client Info & more

Get your Biz in the digital world completely. Our DIY Package includes access to the platform tailored to your needs and access to all you need to build a site, CRM, email automation, SMS, and much more.

If you need your site built we have an upgrade for that! Information will be in the email sent to you after purchasing. You can also go HERE to get started with a website build.

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All the features of Business-in-a-Box

Build Websites, CRM, booking pages, email marketing/automation, review management, accept payments, memberships, funnels, forms, surveys, SMS marketing, autoresponder, pipeline managers, ads tracking, analytics, integrates with many platforms like GMB - Google - Zapier - Facebook - QuickBooks, zoom, and more.

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