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Our Biz-in-a-Box platform includes

everything but the kitchen sink.

Web sites, funnel pages, membership sites, product pages, online booking pages and scheduling, payments, CRM contact manager, SEO, social post scheduler, automations for email + SMS + social, forms, surveys, direct & automated emails + SMS + FB Insta + WhatsApp + Google My Business, and more.

Our platform can build a new site from the ground up, be added to existing sites, and/or fix a live site with all the add-ons you would ever want!

and...our tools are highly customizable!

We are a Santa Clarita web design agency that provides a "Doctor Visit" approach to fix issues, give support, educate, provide all digital tools needed, and build customized web sites that include everything but the kitchen sink (and we have an app for that, lol), and we forgot to add we optimize any site for speed, SEO and so much more!

A-La-Cart or All-in-One!

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List of all Business in a Box Features

Websites, Funnels, Membership Sites, Blogging, Forms, Surveys, On/Off-Page SEO, Payments, Invoicing, Online Booking Calendar & Pages, Phone App, Email or Text Marketing & Automation, CRM (Contact Manager), Social Posting/Scheduling, Chat Widgets, GMB Review mgmt., FB Review mgmt., Google Calendars, Calls Tracking, FB Message, GMB Message, Instagram DM, Zoom, Customer Pipeline, Split Testing, Visitor Tracking, Ads Tracking, QuickBooks Integration, Zapier Integration, and more.

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We are a digital marketing and web design agency located in Santa Clarita, CA.

We serve our local community and surrounding area!

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business in a box by DesignAdict
Websites with 100's of templates
business in a box by DesignAdict - Web Design Santa Clarita



Web Design

web design by DesignAdict -  - Web Design Santa Clarita, Canyon Country Web Design, Palmdale Web Design, Valencia Web Design

Web Design

Forms and Surveys in one Platform
DesignAdict Marketing Automation



Forms and surveys - Web Design Santa Clarita


SMS Marketing - Email Marketing - Calling - Voicemail Drops - Web Design Santa Clarita


SEO tracking - Analytics data - Ads Data - We Design Santa Clarita


DesignAdict SEO
DesignAdict Payments



Booking Pages by DesignAdict
web design by DesignAict
Payment Gateways Invoicing - Stripe PayPal and more  - Web Design Santa Clarita

Payment Gateways

Calendar Booking

Contact Manager

Calendar Booking - Team Calendaring - Google Calendar Integration - Web Design Santa Clarita

Calendar Booking

DesignAdict Marketing
DesignAdict Marketing Automation


Membership Sites

CRM - Contact Manager - Email Autoresponder - Communication Automations - Web Design Santa Clarita

Contact Manager

Automation - Workflow  Logic based Workflows - Web Design Santa Clarita


Membership Sites -  Training, secure document control, onboarding and more - Web Design Santa Clarita

Membership Sites

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